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Electro-Guard 750NL Non-Lethal Electrified Fence

DeTekion Security Systems, Inc. introduces the latest generation of the Non-Lethal Electrified Fence. The Electro-Guard 750 NL System operates on dual electrifiers to enable each adjacent conductor wire to function on a different electrifier. An alarm condition is signaled under the following conditions:

  • When a wire is shorted to the ground
  • When a wire is cut
  • When adjacent conductor wires touch
The Electro-Guard 750 NL System employs the latest technology to display an alarm condition. A quick but powerful shock is transmitted along the electrified wires at a constant interval.

The Electro-Guard 750 NL consists of an energizer cabinet, high voltage wires, electrified wires, insulators and tensioners.

The energizer cabinet is powered by 110 VAC and may be mounted at the fence line or remotely. High voltage wire is run from the energizer cabinet to the electrified wires. The electrified wires mount via insulators on a stand-alone support structure or an existing fence. The electrified wires are tensioned with pull insulators and tensioners.

In the High Voltage Mode, the Electro-Guard 750 NL utilizes low voltage monitoring between high voltage pulses to determine the status of the fence and provide a painful but not harmful electric shock. In the Low Voltage Monitor Mode the system continually monitors for alarming conditions.

When an alarm condition is detected, the unit will activate into the High Voltage Mode. If requested, the system also has the capability to inhibit the High Voltage pulses. The Low Voltage Monitoring Mode feature is environmentally friendly and consumes little energy.

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