DeTekion Security Systems, Inc.

Detekion Company Profile

Throughout the years, security needs have grown consistently, not only products and equipment, but also turn-key projects and security systems.

DeTekion Security Systems, Inc. was formed by the creative forces of several security professionals to meet those needs.  DeTekion Security Systems has the combined abilities that very few security companies possess: the ability to manufacture; design; install and commission a security system  from start to finish.  Our goal is to provide the client with the best turn-key solution to meet their needs.

DeTekion Security Systems, Inc. specializes in manufacturing perimeter security products and is recognized world-wide for its:

  • VTW 400 Electronic Taut Wire System
  • Sensor Coil 600 Detection System
  • Wave-Guard “RF” Intrusion Detection System
  • Electro-Guard 750NL Non Lethal Electrified Fence
  • Electro-Guard 5000 Lethal/Non Lethal Electric Fence
  • Electro-Guard 3750 Lethal/Non Lethal Electric Fence
  • Defensor 100 Sensor Cable
  • FiberGuard SF 1000
  • FiberGuard Net 800
  • OMNI Controller
  • SabraFence™

Our outdoor perimeter systems have been successfully installed
for clients such as the Department of Corrections, Department of Energy, Department of Defense and Military and Industrial applications world-wide.  DeTekion Security Systems’ capability to provide quality products, install and commission these products, and train our clients on these products is well known.

The combined talents of DeTekion Security Systems, Inc.’s personnel are unmatched by any other perimeter security company.  DeTekion Security Systems possess the capability to complete a project from start to finish with the manufacturing, design and installation all under DeTekions’ control.


         DeTekion Security Systems, Inc.
  Corporate Headquarters
200 Plaza Drive, Suite A
Vestal, New York 13850
607.729.5149 fax