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Wave Guard

Combining ease of installation with unequalled versatility, Wave-Guard perimeter protection by our affiliate AuraTek Security LLC, DeTekion's wave guard systems offer you the security and peace of mind you deserve.

The Wave-Guard coaxial cable is simply installed around the perimeter of the building, property or assets being protected – it can be installed on a wall, along a surface, on a rooftop, underground, on a non-metallic support or even on top of a fence. This cable emits, or “leaks” multiple radio-frequency signals.

A strategically placed receiver – a single antenna, a series of small antenna or even another cable placed in parallel – monitors the signal. If there are any disturbances within a one-meter (3.3 ft.) range of the
transmitting cable, receiving cable or receiving antenna, an alarm is triggered.

Disturbances along the perimeter are analyzed by a sophisticated, digital signal-processing algorithm, a system that is able to compensate
for most environmental instabilities such as wind movement and small animals. Nuisance alarms are virtually eliminated.

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