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Sensor Coil 600 Perimeter Detection System

DeTekion Security Systems, Inc.’s Sensor Coil 600 integrates the Defensor 100 cable into a stainless steel Barbed Tape Security Coil. The combined product produces a unique sensor/barrier assembly that mounts in almost any configuration.

The Sensor Coil 600 utilizes the Defensor 100 cable and analyzer. The Defensor 100 cable is a patented microphonic cable that uses a Spirawire process. It allows high levels of detection from frequency response produced by the cable without the need for complex electronic processing or increasing the amplitude of the signal. Detection is provided along the entire length of the coil.

The Defensor 100 cable is analyzed using two separate channels, each individually adjustable, into alarm outputs. Self verification is optional via the audio output which allows the activities at the Sensor Coil 600 to be
monitored by sound. Industry standard alarm and tamper outputs enable connection to standard monitor and control equipment.

The Sensor Coil 600 is constructed with a rigid double coil quality austenitic stainless steel barbed tape assembly. Units are provided in 30″ or 40″ (outside) diameter coils. The inner coil, which houses the sensor, is permanently connected to the outer barbed tape coil.

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