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Fiber Guard Net 800

The FiberGuard Net 800 is based on highly reliable fiber optic technology and accordingly is a versatile outdoor Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) that provides a very reliable and cost effective solution for a variety of perimeters.

The FiberGuard Net 800 can be mounted on a variety of new and existing fences including chain link, welded mesh and palisade or installed in a “stand alone” configuration with support posts. Any attempts to cut through the system will be detected. Attempts to climb over the system will also be detected. The Probability of Detection (POD) is very high while maintaining a very low False & Nuisance Alarm Rate (FAR & NAR)

The major components of the FiberGuard Net 800 are the fiber optic sensor cable woven into a tamper proof net, the FP 880 processor module (electro – optical) and the FM 750 motherboard. The specially designed fiber optic sensor cable is protected by a Kevlar reinforced polyurethane jacket and is suitable for outdoor application in the most extreme environmental conditions. The intersections of the fiber optic sensor cable forming the squares of the net have an additional tamper resistant jacket.

Typically the FiberGuard Net 800 is attached to the fence or fence posts and the 2 pigtails of a zone are connected to the corresponding output and input connectors on the FP 880 processor module. Each FM 750 can accommodate 4 FP processor modules for 4 zones. A separate zone (run) of DeTekion’s FiberGuard 700 sensor cable can facilitate a tamper proof connection of the FiberGuard Net to the support fence or fence posts and the detection of attempts to climb over the system.

The FiberGuard 700 sensor cable is connected to the output of a FP 770 processor module located on the FM 750 motherboard and is woven through (around) the top and bottom rails of the supporting fence and the FiberGuard Net 800 and then returns to the corresponding input on the FP 770 processor module.

Another option is to use the FiberGuard Net pig tails for this purpose (when climb detection is not required). Any attempts to detach the FiberGuard Net from its supports will require the cutting of the FiberGuard 700 sensor cable or the FiberGuard Net pig tails, creating an alarm.

The FiberGuard Net 800 can be installed as a “stand alone” PIDS and seamlessly controlled and annunciated by DeTekions’ Open Media Network Interface (OMNI) controller or integrated with other sensor systems and controls.

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