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VTW-400 Electronic Taut Wire Fence

DeTekion Security Systems, Inc. is the U.S. manufacturer and distributor of the VTW-400 Electronic Taut Wire Fence Intrusion System.

The VTW-400 Taut Wire is a highly reliable perimeter detection system. Barbed Wires are strung taut between anchor posts and clamped to
the VTW-400 sensor post. The VTW-400 Taut Wire is a physical barrier that will annunciate an alarm condition under attempts of intrusion by:

  • Climbing
  • Spreading
  • Cutting

The VTW-400 utilizes the latest technology to create a perimeter detection system with the highest probability of detection, lowest false alarm rate and lowest maintenance of any perimeter detection system on the market.

The VTW-400 Taut Wire Detection System can be mounted as a stand-alone system, mounted on an existing fence, or mounted on a wall or roof. Sectors can extend up to 100 meters. A zone can be one sector or several sectors wired together. Each sector requires an anchor post at each end, one sensor post with processor in the center of the zone, and slider posts spaced 10' (3 meters) on center. Barbed wire is strung taut between the anchor posts and clamped at the sensor post. Wire tensioners maintain the proper tension on the wires.
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