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Electro-Guard 5000 Lethal /Non-Lethal Elect. Fence

DeTekion Security Systems, Inc. introduces the latest generation of Lethal/Non-Lethal Electrified Fence.

The Electro-Guard 5000 System operates on dual electrifiers so that each adjacent conductor wire operates from different electrifiers. An alarm condition is signaled when a wire is shorted to ground, a wire is cut, or when any adjacent conductor wires touch.

The Electro-Guard 5000 System employs the latest technology for locating an alarm. The Balanced Current System (BCS) provides the Central Control Station the capability to identify an alarm condition to within 50 meters of its occurrence.

The Electro-Guard 5000 normally operates in Non-Lethal stun alarm surveillance mode. This mode provides a highly effective shock that activates an alarm condition. On alarm detection, the system can switch to Lethal mode instantly or after a programmable short time delay. This feature protects birds or small wildlife that may have caused the initial alarm condition.

The Electro-Guard 5000 may also operate in either a full time Lethal mode or a full time Non-Lethal mode. This provides flexibility for changes in the legal climate or circumstances at the facility.

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