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Defensor 100

The Defensor 100 Cable is the next generation sensor cable designed solely for perimeter security. Its patented magnetic construction combined with the very latest techniques in sensor cable design have resulted in it being the benchmark for the industry.

Resulting from many years of experience of sensor cable design, the Defensor 100 cable exploits new manufactuirng technology that enhances its performance. Spirawire is a process where the cable is twisted at exact intervals to provide a natural rejection capability against radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. Lubritube is a technique where specially lubricated tubes enable the precision sensor wires to move freely during an attack.

High levels of detection are achieved from the improved frequency response that the cable produces without the need to introduce complex electronic processing or increase the amplitude of the signal which is the main cause of false alarms with old generation sensor cables. Detection is linear along the entire length resulting in no blind spots, providing a detection range of approximately 1.5m either side of the sensor cable.

The Defensor 100 Processor exploits the precision Defensor 100 Cable technology by processing the analog signal generated by an intrusion attempt on the perimeter fence using two separate channels, each individually adjustable, into alarm outputs for cut, climb and lift attacks.

Self-verification is provided via the class leading audio output which allows fence activities to be monitored by listening to the audio output. A special on-board environmental filter adapts the analyzer to each fence style and also reduces the incidence of false alarms from adverse environmental conditions. Industry standard alarm and tamper outputs enable connection to standard intruder panels for annunciation.

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