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Fiber Guard SF 1000

The FiberGuard SF 1000 is an advanced versatile outdoor Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS).  It provides a very reliable and cost effective intrusion detection solution for a variety of perimeters and can operate in diverse and challenging environments. 

The FiberGuard SF 1000 can be easily mounted on a variety of new and existing fences including chain link fences, welded mesh fences and palisade fences.

The two major components of the FiberGuard SF 1000 are the fiber optic sensor cable and the FG 1010 signal processor. 

  • The fiber optic sensor cable is protected by a Kevlar reinforced ultraviolet resistant polyurethane jacket and is suitable for outdoor application in the most extreme environmental conditions. 
  • The FG 1010 signal processor is typically installed in an environmentally sealed enclosure.

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